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Web Development

By trade I am a web developer, so this means I focus on using code to make sure web pages and sites are functional and have the right features for your needs. From static HTML pages to content management systems like WordPress to completely custom soltions, whether new or existing, I can work for you to get a functional and great web solution working for you. I'm strongest with Front-End Web Development, though I've done back end development in the past. What I'm NOT is a web designer, however.


My knowledge and experience over the past 10 years in the web industry can be useful to you in your own projects with the web. I have worked with large corporation, small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in various industries on various types of projects including web sites, web apps, landing pages, contact and other online forms, HTML emails, social media sharing, and even ebook coding. Let's chat and work together to help you get a good web solution going for your own needs.


Front-End Web Development



Social Media to Website Integration

HTML Emails

About Me

Angela Giese

Web Developer, nerd, and creative person

Hey there! What can I say about myself? I love to code and make websites easy to use on any device and any browser. My job is to help create great experiences for your users, plus provide an easy service so you can focus on other aspecs of your business and get on with your day.

As for me personally I am a huge nerd and love games, anime, cosplay, reading, sci-fi and fantasy shows. Plus I like crafts and have a ton of interests, which makes me a polymath. You could call me a 'real' and fair person with a casual and friendly demeanor.

I'm often working on personal projects and crafts that don't involve making websites, but they're mostly hobbies or side hustles. My plan is to talk more about these interests and projects on this website very soon.



Redmond WA 98053

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